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The International Multicultural Society for Sport & Entertainment (IMSSE) is a global multicultural sports organization whose mission is to provide mentorship, networking and a resource center for sports entrepreneurs and college students pursuing degrees in sports related disciplines.

How We Achieve These   Goals:


  • Bringing together sports professionals from around the globe and providing a forum for networking.


  • Providing mentorship to college students, sports entrepreneurs, sports professionals and those transiting to sports careers.


  • Recruiting accomplished professionals, active and retired from diverse cultures to serve as mentors.


  • Compiling a useful global sports directory.

Other Contributions to the Global Sports Community:


  • We promote and enhance collaborations and opportunities for sports professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures that serve and meet the demands of the global economies and global market place.


  • We recognize and honor those individuals, companies and institutions in the sports industry that contribute to a diverse sports industry.


  • We contribute towards achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals geared towards building an inclusive multicultural equitable society.


  • We acknowledge the progress already made thus far towards and in regards to a multicultural talent pool in the sports industry.

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